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Submit Question - Adults

Hey Kokki-Kids! To write into the show, just fill out the form below and— wait a minute. You’re not a kid!

I’m sorry but this site is for kids and teens only. They’re drenched in the juiciest fear, the freshest pain, and the most delicious embarrassment.

You on the other hand are kind of stale, walking down the same emotional ruts you formed in youth. I don’t want to lick your scars, I WANT FRESH BLOOD.

So really, I’m quite sorry, but you’re going to have to get your advice someplace else…

. . . unless . . .

Guess what, it’s your lucky day! I’ve changed my mind. You can write in, but we’re going to have to prepare you first. I’m going to take you on a guided meditation. Ready? Here we go.

Close your eyes.

. . .

Shit, okay I guess you need your eyes open to read. Keep your eyes open but imagine in your mind that you closed them, and now you’re seeing a sort of blackness.

In the blackness you notice far off in the distance is an infinite row of tiny bright specks. They accelerate toward you getting bigger, and as they do you realize that they’re paintings.

Before they make modern art with your guts, the paintings stop about 20 feet away, hanging in the air. Their contents are moving, and through them you can see all of your worst childhood memories. One in particular catches your eye. You walk up to it. What do you see?

Hold that moment in your mind and remember what kind of person you were. What did you wear? How did you speak? Where did you live? How much of a little shit were you?

As you do this, the painting grows larger stretching down past your feet and up over your head. It drifts forward until finally it envelops you.

You become your younger self, and the feelings start to rush in.


Now, a day has passed. You’re searching online for a solution to your problem, when by chance you stumble across this site. Maybe it isn’t hopeless; maybe these two can help. You click on the “Submit Question” button. What do you see?

Hey Kokki-Kids! Have a question for Asterios and Sriracha? Drop it here and maybe you’ll end up on the show!

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